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Thanks to all who attended our February Open House.  We introduced the Oxygen Spa to the Rexburg community.  We hope it will be a well-used and beneficial addition to our Wellness Center.

Here is a bit of info about the Oxygen Spa from the airheads site. :

People all over the world are now using Airheads Oxygen & Aromatherapy Spas for holistic and recreational use! Just a five to ten minute session on our oxygen spa displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic
infectious bacteria, parasites and microbes. Oxygen gives the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxifies blood, increases circulation
and strengthens the immune system. Oxygen will heighten concentration, alertness and help fight off depression. Oxygen has
been known to help with relaxation and sleep disorders, prevent disease, relieve hangovers, and alleviate headaches. A human
being can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen.

Oxygen Spa

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