What is Health Care Costing your FAMILY?

That Is why we use doTerra Essential Oils.

During the ER Yoga class this morning, we did some stretching some emotional releasing and we discussed FREE MEDICINE. I had some sinus pressure in my face, jaw and teeth and our yoga teacher, Leslie suggested a face/eye wash that is basically free medicine.

You need table salt, a clean bathroom sink, tissues, warm water and a cup with your own morning urine. I know you might want to quit reading, but stay with me. Urine is sterile since it comes right straight from the body. It has living antibodies and information about what the body needs. Its safe to use for medicine! And its free.

To properly collect the urine, let a stream of urine go for about 3 seconds then collect some in a cup. Measuring is not important, just fill up a cup.

Clean the sink and dry it. Stop the sink and run in warm/hot water. Add 2-3 teaspoons of table salt and the urine. Swish around to dissolve the salt. Take a breath and hold it in. Put your face into the water and open your eyes. Circle your eyes, squint, open and close.
Sniff in a little of the water and blow out your nose. Stay in the water as long as comfortable. Keep coming up for more breath and repeating this with nose and eyes for a total time of a few minutes.

Then wash and dry your face. Blow your nose until things are clear.
Your eyes will be red for awhile but then they clear up.  To add to the opening up of the sinuses for better breathing, take a drop of the doTerra oil  Breathe and rub it on the palms of your hands. Bring your palm up to your face and breathe in deeply for a few minutes. Come and get some Breathe from the store in Rexburg, or order online.

This is good for sinus infections, eye infections, headcolds, allergies affecting ear, nose and throat. Its safe to do every day and if you are working with an acute condition, do it morning and night.

Let me know if you have questions or how this eye/nose cleanse goes for you.

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