Compass Bioscan available at Aroma Technique

When you come into Aroma Technique with a health issue, I want to serve you the best way possible, using modern technologies to help me recommend the best essential oil for your needs.  I am not a doctor, so I am not diagnosing illness, nor am I prescribing a course of treatment.

What I  do is suggest essential oils to help your body balance and initiate its own healing energy.  To help determine the best essential oil or supplement,  we use the Compass Bioscan.

The bioscan is a  technology which has been used in NASA since the 1970′s.  Your body is an innately intelligent system in and of itself.  It knows what is going on inside of every single organ, tissue and cell.  The ZYTO Compass is able to pick up on any imbalances (bio-markers that are not in place), and it can help to identify where work needs to be done, and with what supplement. A new scan is re

The ZYTO Compass is not a medical procedure or treatment, (although there are many medical professionals who have been using this technology for years).  It is able to read the energy fields in the body through a simple assessment using software on a computer (It actually scans all of the meridians in the body). It will then make product suggestions, and some that you may not have even thought of; and it will confirm many things that you probably already know about the supplements you are currently using.

Using the  Compass Bioscan is super simple.  You just place your hand in the hand cradle (as shown in the photo above) and rest it there for approximately five minutes.  The energy fields in your body are scanned and the Compass Bioscan inputs the information into the computer.  The results are emailed to you and notes can be kept on file at Aroma Technique so we have a record of what progress you are making with your supplements.

It is recommended to have a follow-up scan in a month.

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  1. KPerkins says:

    Love your web site. I Have been working with doTERRA for 3years and feel the need to better serve my healing knowledge with a bio scan machine (for lack a better word)In addition to using oils I also have many of the seme books in my library. I live in Hollister ID. Please help me to connect with a proper machine. Looking forward to hearing from you

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