Pro-active Health Care

Modern medicine is miraculous when it comes to emergencies. If I am in a terrible accident I want the ambulance and the hospital available. I am thankful for the wonders of surgery and putting broken bodies back together. Modern medicine handles emergencies well, but chronic health conditions or diseases of lifestyle not so well. Medical care today is sickness care rather than health care.

When you get sick you visit your doctor and most often you come away with a prescription medication that after suppressing symptoms of an already out-of-balance body, then has the effect of sending the body more out of balance in many other ways. Its a downward spiral.

At Aroma Technique, we encourage our clients and customers to be pro-active. Live healthy, eat healthy, get proper sleep, move and exercise, and participate in some activity for stress reduction.

Here’s what we can offer for that stress reduction:

1. Zyto Bioscan

2. Massage {hour}

3. Oxygen treatment

all for $40.00

Help your own body remain in balance and spend your healthcare dollars for pro-active care. You will love how you feel. Call for an appointment.

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